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Do you need quality payroll processing services? We have 20 years of experience in payroll processing, which we perform professionally, precisely, and on time.

We provide a comprehensive array of outsourcing payroll services, which exceeds the standards of most companies in Slovakia.

We provide a flexible scope of services, from professional advisory to comprehensive payroll processing to satisfy the long-term needs of our clients from various segments of the economy, which helps save
costs of payroll staff, payroll processes, education, complex payroll processing system, professional and specific consultations.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Payroll services, timely and comprehensive processing of data for wages, contributions, and taxes
  • Monitoring of legislative changes and their immediate application in practice
  • Timely and comprehensive processing of applications, deregistrations, and mandatory notifications
  • Fast and correct processing and calculation of wages, contributions, and taxes
  • Processing of monthly and quarterly statements, processing of annual reconciliation of advance personal income tax payments, processing of annual reconciliation of advance health insurance payments
  • Keeping of comprehensive payroll agenda, communication with the Tax Authority, insurance companies, Statistical Office
  • Timely and clear processing of payroll slips with a comprehensive summary including employee wage deductions, vacation days, and other data
  • Calculation of averages for labour purposes
  • Calculation of daily assessment basis for wage compensation during temporary incapacity to work
  • Regular and timely payments of wages, contributions, and taxes
  • Quality software and technical equipment
  • Efficient payroll processing and proposals for payroll process optimization

We have many years of experience with comprehensive payroll accounting processing. Our services are characterized by high professionality, confidentiality, and quality data processing, as confirmed by the long-term client satisfaction.

The efficiency of payroll outsourcing is proven by the differently sized companies that have high demands on quality, efficient processes, and use it to strengthen their performance and stability. There are many examples of companies, who often outsource their payroll processing, e. g. Scania, Austrian Airlines, OBI, Bauhaus and many other medium or small companies.

The growing trend of payroll processing proves that external payroll processing became a permanently modern tool for company management of any size.
The importance of the fact is only becoming more apparent in the current economic situation.

Make use of high professionality, beneficial conditions, flexible services of our payroll outsourcing and request a price offer for bookkeeping tailored to the needs of your company